Dear Editor,
In India, guests are traditionally treated like God. Now, the world’s most powerful man, the President of the United States of America, has come to India with his wife as the chief guest for the Republic Day event. For their safety, tight security is being provided. For their hospitality famous dishes from all over the country are being prepared and served. Yet at the same time, in India, there are thousands of people who cannot eat two full meals a day. They will go to bed on empty stomachs but rarely will they let their guests go to sleep hungry.
Similarly, this country also has the ancient tradition of not letting guests return with empty hands. And so it is that special Banarasi sarees are reportedly being gifted to Ms Michelle Obama, even as many people across India struggle to keep warm. But our relative poverty does not impact our hospitality. We always treat our guests with utmost care.
Adil Husain
New Delhi