It is the time for Pakistan to mend its ways as far as rogue nation’s loathsome policy towards India is concerned or else India knows it very well how to handle the situation with extreme might to teach a lesson of life to its adversaries. The nurturing and exporting of terrorism to Indian soil is unfortunately the State policy of Pakistan and despite consecutive losses in three wars with India it has continued with its policy of deceit and hatred towards India. The abetment of terrorism in the last over three decades in the Valley by the Pakistan is the testimony of the fact that how much bitterness and grudge that nation is holding against India. The statement by the BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav about India knowing well the strategy to tackle Pakistan is well timed and a befitting response especially in wake of yesterday’s encounter in Kashmir’s Handwara in which five brave-hearts were martyred after eliminating two of the terrorists and rescuing locals held hostage by the aforesaid terror mongers. Ram Madhav’s stern warning to Pakistan to change its stride as far as exporting terror is concerned is a well timed one and holds much significance. As India on earlier many occasions has shown its unrelenting might to rogue Pakistan especially during surgical strikes and Balakot attack and if the western neighbour will not change its perilous path soon India will have to act more stringently to sort out the lingering issue once and for all. It is quite interesting that despite snubbing by the international community on various occasions over its maligned policy against India and unwavering support and harbouring of terrorists organisations banned by several nations, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is not showing any inclination towards mending its ways which is a very serious issue in the current scenario when almost all the nations including India are sharing several platforms against terrorism. Whatever will emerge post Covid-19 pandemic, one thing is sure that there will be no place for countries like Pakistan which are unswervingly promoting and fostering terrorism and strong and befitting retaliation from the peace loving countries including India seems to be the only remedy in sight to mend the rogue nation.