Srinagar: Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Monday claimed his government has brought educational “revolution” in the State as an “unprecedented” number of youth with higher and professional degrees have got government and private jobs.
“Over the last six years, we brought an educational revolution in the State with new Universities, district and sub-district colleges and schools with modern equipment and science laboratories established throughout the State to give fillip to the employability of our youth,” Omar said.
“Today, it is a matter of great satisfaction and pride that an unprecedented number of our youngsters are graduating with professional degrees and proving their mettle in the careers they choose,” he said.
Omar also said that youth of the state are proving their mettle in country and abroad.
“We took landmark decisions and initiatives to cater to the needs of our youth and facilitated their inspiring journey in their academic and professional pursuits. Today, the youth of the State are proving their mettle across the country and around the world by earning laurels for the State,” Omar said.
“While thousands of our youth were absorbed in government jobs, more than a hundred thousand jobs were created for our youth in areas of tourism, industry and the service sector,” the NC President said.
“Our youth will have to be empowered in all the areas including politics for our State to reach new heights of growth. J and K has a sizeable and significant youth population and in their dreams lie the dreams and future prospects of our State.
“My commitment to the youth of the State is personal and beyond partisan politics and I will continue to walk hand-in-hand with them till the last drop of blood in my body,” Omar said here.
Interacting with youth delegations at his residence here, Omar said his government took “landmark” initiatives to cater to the needs of the youth of the State and for his party the National Conference (NC) no accomplishment could be “as gratifying” as the growth and welfare of the youth.
He said that NC will continue to lead the State towards development and would take its “pro-youth” policies and initiatives forward to ensure that the youth of the State continue to reach new frontiers in fields of business, technology and entrepreneurship. .
Omar said, “The results we have achieved in facilitating thousands of small and medium scale industrial units in the State has been one of the most prominent achievements of the NC in the last six years. Today these industrial units employ thousands of those youth who were previously unemployed.
“We will continue to create more avenues for their employment and economic prosperity so that the state continues to benefit from their talent and diligence.”
The chief minister said his government successfully centred its policies around a core agenda of youth development and employment generation as the party believed their ability to lead the state towards new frontiers of dignity and economic independence in the future.
Omar said his government took elaborate policy measures to empower the youth of the state by eradicating red-tape and bureaucratic hurdles that the earlier system had put in their way. (PTI)