Omkar Dattatray
It may sound impossible and utopian but is it is true that president of America has announced and inked a credible defence deal with India. On the very first day of his visit trump has announced a incredible defence deal with India and has said that India is a big trade partner of America and is a big market for defence products and so it is in the fitness of things to announce and ink an incredible trade deal with India .At the same time he has said that Narendra Modi is a tough negotiator and a hard task master who has the concerns and interests of Indian people in mind while negotiating any deal with America. But the fact of the matter is that both Trump and Modi have the interests of their people in the mind while transacting any deal and more so a defence deal. Well ahead of his Delhi visit and his official delegation level talks Trump has announced a defence deal worth USD three billion. Trump asserted that America will provide some of best and Motera stadium left US feared military equipment on the planet.
This is a very positive development for India and it will have a positive bearing on the India-America relations and thus a new history is being created by the joint address of the strongest heads of the two states. This is no mean development by any standard. The crowd of nearly 1,00,000 strong and enthusiastic people at Motera stadium left Trump impressive. People are witness to the fact that the two leaders heaped praises on each other and hugged each other also and this showed the personal chemistry between the Modi and Trump and this will have a positive bearing on the relations between the two democracies of the world. Well during the first leg of his visit Trump talked repeatedly about the India’s rich culture and extraordinary diversity. He at length talked about India’s tolerance and plural culture. Trump also said that Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Christians and Jews worship side by side and this is the beauty of India and it should be protected at all costs.
He also said that there is individual freedom, rule of law and dignity of every human being. The visit of Donald Trump to India is the beginning of the new trust and relationship between the two nations. Now at the Hyderabad House the delegation level deliberations are taking place and it is hoped that trump will administration will negotiate trade deal besides the defence deal.
The agreements between the two countries will usher in a new relationship. To negotiate a defence deal is now a formality as Trump has made it clear that defence deal will be transacted. There are some hitches in the trade deal between India and America and now it is hoped that the tensions in the trade deal will be sorted out and the trade agreement will be possible. The agreement of technology transfer from America to India is a very welcome development and it withers the relationship between the two friendly countries. The talks on investment in India will definitely be a component of the bi-lateral talks which will strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two democracies. On Indo-US trade negotiations, Trump said that the two countries are working on a fantastic trade deal.
Regarding terrorism, Trump said that the two countries are committed to work together to stop terrorists and their ideology. He further said that US and India are also firmly united in our iron clad resolve to defend our citizens from the threat of Islamic terrorism. Trump also said that India and US are having natural and enduring friendship.
Modi said that the ties between India and America are at a new high and the visit of the Trump along with his family members is a testimony to the fact the there is a strong relationship between the two countries. In any way the second day of the visit will focused on the defence, trade and energy agreements and the environment issues were also discussed in the bi-lateral meeting at Hyderabad house in Delhi. All this will have a positive effect on the ties between the two nations. Long live India-American friendship.
The global comprehensive strategic partnership is a very basic theme of the bi-lateral agreements between India and America. It is so good that a consensus has developed between the two countries. Now India and America are equal partners in the comprehensive strategic partnership.
(The writer is a retired education officer and columnist)