BISHNAH: NGO,Third Eye Anti Crime Team under the supervision of its Chairman Sham Lal Gupta continued sanitized of areas covering interior remote as well urban areas of Bishnah on third consecutive day.
A total of 10 Mist Blower 5 Sanitizer Pumps, 5 Spray Machines have been issued for disinfectant spraying in areas.
The sprayers included Manmohan Singh, Krishan Singh and 20 NGO Volunteers who were covering a number of roads in different areas on 5 April including Data Ranpat Dev Sathan Bishnah / Bishnah Ward No 5, 7 , 8 ,12 / Bye Pass / KC Morh Bishnah / Many Streets / Shiv Mandir / Sheela Venti Dev Sathan / Village Sarore / Village Ratnal etc.
The chairman of the organization Sham Lal Gupta said that his organization selflessly works on the ground level without any government help and at this time to save from Covid 19. NGO will be ahead in the whole of state to protect against the pandemic environment and cover the larger area for continuously 1 month. Councillor Sahil Gupta from the Bishnah Municipal Committee also appeared as a volunteer.
Gupta was accompanied by Chander Shekhar, Rajesh Kumar, Tushar Digra, Rajesh Kumar and Tarsem Lal.