Lucknow: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav on Sunday claimed that there are not enough coronavirus testing kits for people, and termed it “a real challenge” in the fight against the viral infection.

“Not enough testing kits for people. Not enough personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. Not enough meals to feed the poor. These are the real challenges today,” he said in a tweet.

Yadav also said in Hindi, “Think, how anyone will get external brightness by extinguishing their inner light (‘Socho andar ki roshni bujhaakar kaun paa sakaa hai baahar ke ujaale’).”

His remark comes days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a call to people of the country to light candles on April 5 evening and display India’s collective resolve to defeat coronavirus.

Modi urged people to turn off lights at their homes and light candles, lamps or turn on mobile phone torches at 9 pm on Sunday for nine minutes to “end the darkness of coronavirus”. (PTI)