JAMMU: Urging upon the people to gird up their loins to avenge the betrayals and treachery of anti-Jammu parties and especially the BJP, Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and former Minister, said that time had come to repay these opportunist leaders in the same coin.
He said that the on-going elections should be the harbinger of change in the political landscape of Jammu region which faced terminal decline in successive governments especially the erstwhile BJP-PDP rule.
He was addressing a rally after holding a road show in Ward No. 20, 21 and 22 of JMC today. He also addressed public meetings in Ward No. 32 and 33 in Talab Tillo and Rajpura in support of party candidates.
Accusing the BJP of acting as the agents of Kashmir centric forces during the erstwhile regime, Singh said that its leaders not only divested Jammu of its due share but inflicted the biggest dent upon dogra pride.
“You sold Jammu for power. You acted like a loyal salesman for Kashmir. And then you defended the deal” rued Harsh while launching a blistering attack on BJP.
“Accept the crime that you have done by abusing the trust of Dogras. You cannot deceive people for all times. Today each word, each promise, each action and each slogan is indelibly cast in the marble of technology. How hard you may try, you can’t erase the public memory with one new shot. People have recognized your real intent and face. Wait for their verdict which is shortly to be announced”, said Singh.
“Admit your surrenders. Say, we did it for ourselves. For power. Then it would sound plausible. Say we had compulsions, but these compulsions were self driven, not selfless. And then people will believe, though they may not give you another chance. And otherwise your argument would only sound funny and ridiculous”, said Singh.
Stressing the unity of various pro Jammu forces under the banner of Panthers Party, Singh said that it was the only recognized political party from Jammu region. He said time was fast running out with Jammu losing economically and politically with each passing day. The very identity of Dogra was under threat in view of serious developments that had taken place in the past, he added. With majority of Jammu people forced to migrate outside state and Dogra land being fastly occupied by non Dogra speaking people, the crisis of identity and culture was fast deepening, cautioned Harsh.
“We have the capacity to confront the anti Jammu forces. We alone are fighting for the cause of Jammu. We have made BJP sweat in its citadels. Support us. We need to join hands and act or else the posterity shall never forgive us”, roared Harsh while appealing the people to strengthen the Panthers Party which had vowed to fight every single act of bias perpetrated against Dogra land.
Among those who spoke on the occasion included Manju Singh, Capt. Anil Gaur, Swaran Kanta, Kulbhushan Attri, Suresh Sharma, Bachan Dass, Ashwani Kumar and Partap Singh.