Truck CrashRaleigh (US): Transportation officials have said 40 passengers were injured when a train collided with a tractor-trailer that was stuck on the tracks in North Carolina.

State Department of Transportation officials said 25 people were taken to Halifax Memorial Hospital by bus and 15 by ambulance after the collision, which happened about noon yesterday.

They said none of the injuries appeared to be life- threatening. A bus will take another 173 passengers who weren’t injured to Richmond, Virginia.

Halifax County law-enforcement officials say the collision toppled the Amtrak train’s engine onto its side. They say the first two cars of the train toppled after the crash.

Officials say the second car that derailed was a baggage car.

An eyewitness says the tractor-trailer driver was trying to make a difficult right-hand turn. She says the driver jumped out of the truck before the crash.