hangedIslamabad: Pakistan today hanged a man convicted of killing three persons in a theatre, days after the government lifted moratorium on execution in all cases.

Muhammad Siddique, convicted by an anti-terrorism court of murdering three persons in the theatre, was hanged to death in district jail Toba Tek Sindh in Punjab province this morning. His body was handed over to relatives.

Siddique, a security guard in the theatre, killed the men who were hooting at a female dancer in 2004.

Anti-terrorism court in Faisalabad awarded death sentence to the convict in 2005. His appeals to the high court and supreme court were thrown out and the president also turned down a request for clemency.

The PML-N government on Tuesday decided to implement death penalty in all cases, after initially restarting executions for terrorism offences following the Peshawar school massacre in December that killed more than 150 people, most of them children, in an attack that horrified the world.

Already 24 people convicted on terrorism charges have been hanged since start of executions which was stopped in 2008 after self-imposed moratorium.