UDHAMPUR :Independent candidate Pawan Kumar Gupta announced that Udhampur will become a forgotten town if action is not taken to change the humiliating condition of the town. Calling the town a model ‘village’, he lambasted the sitting MLA over his apathy towards miserable statistics of the town. The roads are crying for attention and the street lights hardly ever function, he said. He condemned the water distribution system which he said, is so ancient that 43 per cent water gets wasted during distribution. There is no sewerage treatment system and no scavenging system for disposal of garbage he said adding there are no traffic signals despite increasing congestion on the roads. He also said that the public transport is insufficient to cater to the needs of the public, even the bus stand which is supposed to accommodate only 50 buses, accommodates five times more adding the urban poverty is increasing with the number of slum areas on the rise.
He promised to develop the town to its full potential if he is elected. He said that knowledge, vision and intention is needed to make Udhampur a model place for living. He also conducted a tour of Ritti, Chai(Kuh), Dadar(Kuh), Badali, Manpa and Subhash Nagar.