JAMMU: PDP-BJP Coalition has framed up such a common agenda (Common Minimum Programme) for six years of governance which is ill-advised, ill-conceived and shall fulfill the aspirations of fundamentalists of the Valley.

This was said by Kundan Kashmiri, Chief of Kashmiri Pandit Conference in a statement issued here on Tuesday.

The KPC Chief said, “This common agenda is not for integrating, but disintegrating the State by initiating talks with Pakistan, Hurriyat and other separatists on the so-called issue of Kashmir and heading gradually towards removal of AFSPA to give further room to militants and pro-Pak elements to promote the interests of Pakistan.”

“This common agenda stands for another displacement (Migration) of Kashmiri Pandits (KPs) from present locations to previous locations in the Kashmir Valley which will be more harmful for the community as KPs cannot reintegrate again in Kashmir milieu and are presently comfortable in the milieu of Jammu, Delhi and other places. He said that return of KPs is possible only after they are consolidated and rehabilitated in the land of Kashyap in Kashmir Valley. This common agenda sealed a pact between the two partners over the Article 370 to neither debate nor abrogate it which is basically temporary and a big hurdle in the development of the State and for this cause lot of sacrifices have been given by nationalist forces in particular by Kashmiri Pandits,” he maintaind.

Kundan said that BJP-PDP pact has demoralised the nationalist forces, army and security forces and encouraged the anti-national elements, separatists and militants in the Valley.

He requested the KP activists and leaders not to go with the begging bowl at the doorsteps of BJP and PDP leaders at Delhi and Jammu for getting themselves nominated as MLCs or junior ministers at the cost of community and country because the said nomination would force them to become part of this ill- advised common agenda, which is not in the interest of nation and the nationalist forces.