Modi will have a stopover in Frankfurt tonight and will reach New York tomorrow.

Talking about ties with the US, the Prime Minister exuded confidence that his visit will further boost cooperation while noting that the shared values, convergent interests and complementary strengths provide the foundation for natural partnership between the “world’s oldest and largest democracies”.

“I will discuss with President Obama how we can use the strength of all that we share and all that we have built so far to take our relationship to a new level in the interest of our two countries and the cause of this world. I am confident that the visit will mark the start of a new chapter in our strategic partnership,” he said.

Modi would be meeting as many as 11 top corporate honchos over breakfast on September 29 apart from one-on-one meetings with six more business captains the same day in New York. He will also be participating in a business meet, to be organised by USIBC, that is expected to be attended by 300-400 businessmen in Washington on September 30.

“I look forward to meeting business leaders to invite them to participate more actively in India’s economic growth and transformation. This is message that I will also convey to the US business community in Washington DC.

“My participation in a public event in Central Park in New York on poverty is to focus international attention on this great challenge for humanity and affirm my support for global civic action, especially involving the youth, to address it,” said Modi.

Referring to his scheduled address at the Madison Square Garden in New York on September 28, the Prime Minister said he was keenly awaiting the opportunity to meet the Indian- American Community there.

“Their success in diverse fields, their contribution to the United States, their abiding bonds with India and their role as a vibrant bridge between the two largest democracies is a source of pride for us. They serve as a window to our heritage, progress and potential,” he said. (More) PTI PYK MPB