Dear Editor,
The 2019 elections is marked for being the most dramatic elections in the history of India. Though Narendra Modi’s one sided victory is something which is discussed much but other than Modi who grabbed much attention in news was Pragya Thakur, who is recently a parliament member representing Bhopal constituency.
It’s not first time that Malegaon blast accused ‘Sadhvi Pragya Thakur’ had commented nuisance which is generally not accepted by people in present times. Recently she accused Congress of using black magic against BJP. From calling Nathuram Godse a patriot to now saying that Bhartiya Janta Party leaders are dying because Congress is using some sort of black magic is pure unacceptable.
She’s a member of parliament of India. Top economies of the world hail India in many context and after being at such prestigious designation, a leader is not supposed to comment like this.
Commenting is even far beyond imagination, she shouldn’t even think like that as she is a leader, people follow her, she is in news every day and commenting that congress is using black magic invites superstition. Many illiterate people could even admit to the remarks made by her, as large population still do believe in this black magic.
As a leader she should also choose her words wisely because it portrays ideology of her party, and
BJP should also pay more heed on the comments made by its party members.
Neha Suryavanshi,
Nanak Nagar, Jammu.