Dear Editor,
The recent move by Railways to transport essential goods across the country is highly appreciated. The move comes at a critical time when the entire nation is witnessing a lockdown owing to corona virus outbreak hampering normal life and its activities. The Railways otherwise has been at the forefront in the nation building excercises even in past instances such as natural calamities and disasters.
As also the recent move to convert its rail coaches into a life saving COVID ready hospital wards with ventilators shows the preparedness and quick thinking by the railway administration. The railways thus has set up an example to lead from the front during such a crisis and one remains indebted for such a humanitarian act to save precious lives of the people and fight against corona pandemic.
Further the Railways should formulate a strategy to create specific trains by earmarking separate coaches also, that caters to the nation’s healthcare needs as and when the exigency arises.
Varun Dambal,