jammu state morcha protest (1)
JAMMU: Jammu State Morcha (JSM) held protest against Article 370 of the Indian Constitution which does not allow Union Government to make laws for Jammu and Kashmir.
President JSM Abdul Gani Aftab said that for the last six decades, Article 370 has allowed the Kashmiri leadership to have hegemony over the people of Jammu region irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.
“Jammu province has population equal to that of Kashmir Valley still there are only 37 seats for Jammu province against 46 seats for Kashmir Valley in Legislative Assembly and also three seats for Kashmir Valley against to two for Jammu province in Parliament,” he said adding that it should have been vice-versa.
All the Central Governments, irrespective of party in power, till date, have given priority to people of the Valley, he said.
General Secretary, Chandra Uday Sharma appealed to the people of Jammu to vote for only those candidates and party in the ongoing elections who commit statehood for Jammu Province at the high command level.