Watching at the present scenario, a strange question comes to my mind.What would have happened to the freedom struggle of this nation if our ancestors would have thought only on religious lines. I feel the freedom which we enjoy today was based on the philosophy i.e. nation first. I went through the list of freedom fighters who fought and sacrificed their lives to see a future, of free India to cherish and the list contained Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. The freedom we inherit belongs to those who laid their lives for a nation for all, irrespective of the class they belong or the religion they follow. Had they been communal, we would not have attained freedom at all. Had Shaded Bhagat Singh, Chander Shakhar Azad or Ashfaq ulla Khan been communal,they would have stayed away from the freedom fight. I wonder apart from political benefits the communal forces in the shape of Owaisi or Parveen Togadia, what is their contribution for the Nation.Alas, at occasions we also get carried away by the hate speeches of these selfish people.
I would never ever imagine India to be a Hindu Rashtra or turn into fanatic forceful conversion by the dirty tricks like Love Jihad or ISI sponsored venom. I never take the pleasure to say that I am a proud Hindu but feel satisfied when I proudly feel that I am a blessed Indian. To fulfill their fantasies of religion, communal Hindus have every choice to fly to Nepal which is a Hindu nation and communal Muslims who are not satisfied with this nation can choose Pakistan or Afghanistan but India will remain the land of all religions.
I am of the opinion that those forces who communalise the nation should be dealt with severe punishment and kicked out of this nation. The whole world respects India for its equality and religious tolerance. How can a failed nation like Pakistan whose existence was based on communal colour see Indian Muslims prosper as Pakistan has mascaraed lakhs of Hindus during last six decades. They want Muslims of India to ruin and suffer as they have done the same to Mujhris. I really feel ashamed of political parties who infuriate communal tensions so that they may gain benefits .We have to open our eyes and see the fate of those nations which were formed on one religion theory. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Egypt to mention a few. There might be difference of opinions at time but that does not mean, that this nation belongs to only one sect or religion.If we ask a Pakistani about their plight we will get the answer. They suffer each and every hour, no one can move freely but still few fantasise about this nation on religion.
It is greatness of Indian democracy that even anti national elements who should otherwise be punished can voice their venom against this tolerant nation. Had it been any other country they would have been executed in public.Lets all ponder that religion makes us good human beings to tolerate and love others.I quote Mother Teresa “If I Love God whom I have not seen, I have to love my neighbor too whom I see every day.

Sanjay Raina SR