Yes, becoming self-reliant is the answer to one and all problems which the country is facing or shall encounter in the coming times including the epidemics and pandemics like the ongoing ‘lethal’ coronavirus contagion which has brought the ultrafast wheel of growth and development to a grinding halt. Considering the utmost necessity of self reliance, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his third address to the nation on the Covid-19 lockdown following meeting with chief ministers of various states on Monday announced a financial package worth Rs 20 lakh crore for various sectors entangled in difficulties due to coronavirus pandemic. It can be anticipated now that this pragmatic approach will give the much required thrust to India’s voyage towards self-reliance making it self-sufficient and robust in dealing with COVID-19 and other such gigantic crises in the times to come. Though, the nitty-gritty of the financial package thus announced is yet to be made public by the Finance Ministry but looking into the mood and convincing gesture of Prime Minister Modi one can well judge that the aspirations of all the deserving sectors and sections of people will be satiated with a quantum of relief which shall be more than enough thus bringing solace in the lives of those affected by the cruel virus Corona. The Prime Minister aptly gauging the crucial situation has said that COVID-19 has taught India a lesson to become self-reliant which in turn can also prove beneficial for the entire world. One more observation made by the Prime Minister which in the long run holds the key to bring the country on top of the world was strengthening ‘local’, be it the industry, education, culture and what not. The way the Prime Minister keenly evinces the issues and problems, his analysis that patience shown by India’s workforce during the lockdown and local manufacturing has helped India to overcome crisis due to coronavirus to a large extent holds much weight and should be taken as something spoken directly from horse’s mouth. What an individual in India can do to make it self-reliant is buy local, sell local and promote local. This is the first and foremost step towards becoming self sufficient.