Shyam Sudan
At present the world is suffering from deadly pandemic of coronavirus everywhere. Many countries of the world have imposed strong restrictions over the movement of all kinds of activities of their public life. Everywhere we have found a lockdown like situation. People have confined themselves into their homes. Even in our country several restrictions like Janata curfews has been imposed voluntarily by public or by the government. No doubt such kind of precautionary measures are very necessary to check the spread of this pandemic. In our country which is very densely populated only such kind of strong restrictions will help us at this crucial juncture. Because we are now entering into the third phase of this pandemic which is very vulnerable. It is experienced from other countries that in the third phase this viral infection is very rapidly effecting the life of humans. In this crucial time only our patience and decisive steps can change the condition in our favour. Any kind of ignorance and carelessness can bring a great catastrophe for us. At this time when there is no movement of humans outside their homes and habitat many helpless animals who generally depends on us are facing lot of troubles in their life. In our urban area and cities there are lot of such animals which are roaming for some kind of eatables and shelter gazing towards our closed doors. Many stray animals like street dogs, monkeys, wandering cows and other minor creatures whose entire life is dependent on human activities are now totally helpless. It is the duty of different municipal workers to arrange some kind of eatables and shelter for these creatures. After all they are the creatures of this planet and at some extent assist us in our life at different occasion. Many act as a natural scavengers for us in our life. Moreover it is the responsibility of every civilized citizens to arrange some provision for their eatables. In every home we have lot of left over food and other eatable material which is of no use for us. We can put such unused eatables outside our door or some suitable place of the road. These helpless creatures can fill their empty stomachs by these eatable items. All these natural devastation arises basically due to ignorance and carelessness of humans on earth. This coronavirus which is continuously effecting our life at present is basically a product of our wrong eating habits. Chinese people are generally habitual of eating such kind of unhygenic food material for their personal taste and flavour which is not advisable for human consumption. Such things can create an imbalance and turbulence in natural order. Many other viral infection like swine flu, sars virus and Ebola etc are the consequences of our wrong eating habits. These epidemic are continuously giving us a message that our unhealthy interference in nature’s setting is undigestible and intolerable. We must avoid such kind of cruelty over these minor creatures. We have noticed that in China’s Wuhan sea food market there are lot of such creatures which are very dangerous for human consumption. But the Chinese people are continuously eating those creatures without any fear. They even ate all those creatures in half cooked style. Such animals are the carrier of many harmful bacteria and viruses. Corona is also a zoonotic in nature. But now every country is paying the price for the carelessness and ignorance of Chinese people and their unhygenic eating habits. WHO must take the cognizance of such carelessness by any country and their people in future. Some strong imposition must be recommended by the world community towards such ignorant countries. Being the world’s developed nation doesn’t mean that you have the privilege to put others life in danger and risk. Many nations are still struggling for their existence on this planet for the betterment of their inhabitants. Such kind of unexpected things can create a great hindrance in their development. In our country the health sector is not up to that level that we can fight against such unexpected challenge. At present we are fortunate that this virus is in second phase of its contamination. But it doesn’t mean that we are safe and secure from this deadly havoc. Any kind of our ignorance and carelessness can change the scenario in coming days. Then it become very difficult for us to control the menace of this pandemic. Only our patience and decisive strategies can change the condition in our favour. We must adopt various precautionary measures and government advisories to control the spread of this deadly virus. Social distancing and self isolation are some best quarantine measure for this pandemic. However we should not forget our role and responsibility towards other minor creatures of our neighbourhood. We have learnt from our Vedas and other religious texts that only vegetarian diet is best for human consumption. And obviously for this reason we are blessed with special kind of teeth and enzymes in our body. We are not vampires or scavengers on this planet. We must keep such things in our mind before playing with the management of nature. In this modern and advanced society we are already facing lot of adulteration in our diet and eatables. Our fruits, vegetation and other eatable items are already adultered with lot of pesticides and chemicals. As a result our modern generation is not so much immune towards such kind of viral infection. And if with this weak immune system we are eating such wrong food material like that of Chinese people then how can we escape from such kind of viral infections.
There are lot of stray animals and birds are wandering in search of eatables outside our homes, temples and other corners of the city. We have made all these creatures as our habitual and dependent during our comfortable hours. But now our pessimistic approach towards these has ruined their life. Now it is our humanitarian responsibility to arrange some kind of provision for their empty stomach.