JAMMU: Under the grim shadow of split coronavirus, split Darbar Move in Jammu and Kashmir is going to expose the Kashmir centric and the so-called mainstream leaders for their hypocrisy, deceit and communal mindset. This will also embarrass the Jammu based second fiddlers of Kashmiri masters, who have been wagging tails, necessarily and even unnecessarily, to demonstrate their loyalty.
What saner voice of Jammu-unfortunately microscopic in numbers, could not achieve during the past over seven decades, the horrible pandemic has unfolded in a platter. Those having concern for Jammu and its educated youth have been agitating over equal share in employment to this region. Except contempt, they haven’t got anything. Not even the white paper over the region-wise religion-wise ratio in jobs.
Come Darbar Move and the myth will get exploded. The presence of the Jammu based employees, religion-wise, who will be staying back in the Civil Secretariat and other moving offices of the heads of departments will be crystal clear unless those from the Valley will succeed in getting the orders modified to stay put in the winter capital. The modification will be a quite possibility, as those wishing to stay back have nothing to worry, given the availability of the government accommodations and houses constructed in now ‘posh peripheries’ during the past three decades-after the outset of terrorism or Jihad in the Valley to be precise.
This is not to draw the parallels on the religious lines as those getting irked over the matter-of-fact will cry hoarse over communalizing the issue. But they will never accept the communal angle that has been the only factor in recruitments. If the so-called champions of secularism are so secular, let they too demand publication of a white paper on the number of government employees-region-wise and religion-wise.
The gubernatorial administration may for the first time realizes the folly and injustice meted-out to Jammu once the Durbar reopens in Srinagar on May 4. They will get shock of their life to find only skelton-staff left in the winter capital to man the government. Same will be the scenario in the offices of moving heads of departments.
All eyes are now set on the impending Darbar Move later this month. It will be eye-opener for the people of Jammu including the factotums of the Kashmir centric political masters. It will also expose the truth. It will vindicate all those who have been raising the issue of discrimination with Jammu and that too with a particular community. This will also prove those of the groups and individuals right, who have been seeking separate statehood for Jammu. They did not seek or support separate statehood for Jammu on communal lines, as Kashmir’s sick minds keep thinking. But it has been because of the perpetual discrimination the Jammu region has been subjected to by the Kashmir centric leadership, who have been ruling the erstwhile state of Maharaja Gulab Singh as a matter of their birth right. Had it been a communal mindset of the people of Jammu to think of separation from Kashmir, they would have not opened up their arms and embraced with open mind vast mass of Kashmiri population in 1990s and after that till now, which is settling down in Bathindi, Sidhra, Narwal, Bajalta and Sunjwan. Thousands of constructions, coming up in well laid colonies and even the forest land north of Jammu, stand testimony to the Jammu’s deep faith in secularism. Though most of these areas have been encroached upon, the successive governments willfully provided all facilities and amenities at the cost of Jammuites. These civic facilities have made the encroached state lands turned colonnades as premier and most fashionable destinations. It was done methodically with Kashmiri leaders placating innocent Jammuites by invoking their secular mindset.
In the process colonies after colonies came up in a systematic manner. On the contrary no Kashmiri centric leader and their sycophants in Jammu can say as to how many erstwhile State-Subjects from the Jammu region have constructed their houses in the Kashmir Valley during the past thirty years? How many former members of the State Legislature or Jammu based officers have been allotted plots in the Valley to encourage them to settle down so that the blot of Kashmir being cleansed of ‘impure’ would have got wiped out.