football ground-ggm science college-01.
Full of wild grass, the football ground at GGM Science College speaking louder about the neglect on part of the State Sports Council.

JAMMU: With hub of the football–Mini Stadium Parade already ruined, the only left out facility to practice the game in Jammu, the GGM Science College Ground has been totally neglected by its custodian, the State Sports Council.
The uneven playing arena with goal area full of patches, the ground has been engulfed by the wild grass. At the one end of the field, the grass has grown knee deep making it difficult for the youngsters to practice.
“Despite sufficient ground staff at the disposal of incharge manager, the ground is in bad shape. It is very unfortunate that only playing facility for football in Jammu is in the process of destruction. The hub of football, the Mini Stadium Parade has already been spoiled by the State Sports Council,” expressing his concern, a senior footballer told.
The national standard ground when developed for hosting the prestigious Santosh Trophy has been neglected during all these years.
“The staff posted at the ground takes little interest in its upkeep resulting in the national standard field looking so bad today. Except for posting men at the ground, the State Sports Council did nothing for its maintenance,” rued an office bearer of the Jammu and Kashmir Football Association (JKFA).
Presently, around 200 young boys and senior players come to the ground for practice on daily basis under the guidance of qualified coaches.
However, little bothered about the game in Winter Capital, the Kashmir centric JKFA too did nothing in this regard. “Since the JKFA has been making all out efforts to develop the game in Kashmir Province only, those who practice the football in Jammu keep on suffering because of the apathy of those at the helm of affairs,” said another senior player.