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All kinds of technophiles are looking forward to new and better-looking smartwatches and wearable devices that don’t make a person look like a member of the Borg. Everyone has seen gadgets getting smaller and more fashionable over time, so it’s not just foolish optimism to hope that wearable tech will be amazing and cool in a few short years. Some cool wearable stuff is being developed right now, but it doesn’t look too fashionable yet. Here are some examples.
Employees of Daewoo who are building ships in South Korea have access to robotic exoskeletons that can help them lift 70 lbs of stuff effortlessly. These prototype robotic suits are going to be able to lift over 200 lbs in the near future, and they also sound like an awesome toy for a billionaire superhero…. [url]
Wearable robots are already helping out the disabled, but there are still a lot of bugs to work out before these powered exoskeletons are ready for full-time use. Walking around instead of rolling in a wheelchair is a nice feature, but robotic legs need to handle falls better and have longer lasting batteries. [url]
Wouldn’t it be cool to wear a mask that could give you superhuman abilities — like superhearing or supervision? These face prosthetics look bulky and scary, but it might not be too long before something like Google Glass is offering super-abilities instead of dorky augmented reality.