Tablighi Jamaat has come up as one of the biggest challenge before the country who has conspired to put the country to death through coronavirus. The Jamaat has spread a wide network not only in India but also in more than 200 countries worldwide. In India, some politicians and government officials have been fully behind it. Tablighi Jamaat which is not a purely religious organization, was constituted in India in 1927, prior to independence in Mewat area of Haryana.
There are strong and valid reasons for accusing Tablighi Jamaat, otherwise no one has any personal grudges against it. It is embarrassing but true that Tablighi Jamaat has been directly responsible for the rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the country. Many of those have already died of the virus.
One question that always ticking my mind is that who has allowed this organization with such mala-fide intentions to set up its headquarters in such an important hub of Delhi? If we see the building, it is beyond the main road in Hazrat Nizamuddin area of South Delhi. The entire building is spread over two thousand square meters. The building, which is comprised of two basements, ground floors and six floors above it, is a 25 meters high, where thousands of people who come for Tablighi Jamaat, can be accommodated. Besides, thousands of people visit the Tablighi Jamaat on daily basis.
Masroor Hassan, a noted lawyer said that in the year 1992, this Jamaat got permission to construct two and a half storeys but by the end of 1995, a six storeyed building with two basements was erected. No need to say that the political influence was used to do so.
It is relevant to say that there are many protected monuments near this Tablighi building that are under Archeological Survey of India (ASI), that included
64 Khamba monument, that was constructed in the year 1623-24, during the regime of Mughal emperor Jahangir. As per the Law, no construction can be done around 100 meters of the protected monuments. The upcoming of Jamaat building clearly proves that the then political clout had their active role in its
Is the then government not responsible for this, with the blessings of which this illegal building came up in the hub of the city? Of course, yes. Last year, the Delhi Fire Department inspected all the hotels, guest houses and Dharamshalas in the capital and asked them to make adequate arrangements to combat fire and like situations.
It had also directed that the unauthorized upper storeys that are more than 15 meters in height, should be removed immediately. Did the police, Municipal Corporation, Delhi Fire Department do any such inspection of Tablighi Jamaat? If so, what action did this Markaz take on that? Maulana Saad will have to answer these questions.
The place where this Markaz is situated is a very narrow way where rescue teams of Fire service can’t reach at the time of disaster, if any. A few steps away from this are the dargahs of Hazrat Nizamuddin and Amir Khusro and the Ghalib Academy. Here too, many people visit every day.
Why it should not be shifted from here?
Should Tablighi headquarters not be shifted elsewhere keeping in view of the existing monuments and a new building constructed following all the norms so that safety of the visitors could be ensured. As the role of Tablighi Jamaat is apparent, it is expected from Mohammad Saad that he himself should come forward to get this headquarters shifted to some other safer place. Although it does not mean that he should not be given punishment for what he has done. Interestingly, Tablighi Jamaat does not have any legal ownership of this land. It clearly shows that the then government gave construction rights to this organization on illegally occupied land.
One thing I want to clear that there are so many Muslim organizations which have been contributing progressively in nation building that included Mumbai’s Anjuman-e-Islaam, institutions of Bohra Muslims and Shia organizations of Lucknow. Mumbai’s Anjuman-e-Islaam has been running a number of colleges and schools from where film star Dilip Kumar and cricketer Wasim Jaffer got their education.
Besides, one similar organization has been running an orphanage in the name of ‘Bachhon ka Ghar’ in Darya Ganj area in Delhi. This orphanage has completed its 100 years recently. But no one has ever raised finger at such organisations which have been in the service of mankind.
Tablighi Jamaat is in red because of its activities that have been rude and embarrassing for the country. This organization is a stigma in the name of humanity. As the organization is exposed now, the politicians and babus (officials) responsible for this should not be spared, whether they are in service or retired.