JAMMU: Taparia has entered the bevel edge socket chisels market with a full range of sizes. These Chisels come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and functions.
“Taparia’s ranges of chisel vary from small hand tools for tiny details to large chisels used to remove big sections of wood, in roughing out the shape of a pattern or design. They’re well balanced, with a light-weight, ergonomic handle that makes gripping them down by the edge during chopping less fatiguing thereby improving the overall work efficiency of the users. The chisel handles are fitted with special steel caps to protect the handle from damage during hammer strikes. Typically, in woodcarving, one starts with a larger tool, and gradually progresses to smaller tools to finish the detail,” said a handout issued by Taparia here on Wednesday.
Taparia’s mentions of the extra attention paid to the high grade alloy steel used during the manufacturing process, which enables the bevels to have a consistent grind that quickly hone to razor sharpness. The smartly shaped bevelled edges give the tool good mass, but with a very fine, consistent land (the flat between the side bevel and back) that won’t interfere with working in confined spaces, a handout said.
“The chisels come in sizes from 1/4 in to 1 in. With pre sharpened cutting edge for immediate use and suitable blade cutting angle for best cutting results, these chisels are especially anti rust coated on the steel blade side to avoid corrosion and thereby give a long life. For someone looking for a bevel-edge chisel at a value for money price range, these are a solid option. These products are generally conforms to IS 5663-1970 which is the Indian standard requirements for chisel. It is said that an ideal bench chisel should excel at both chopping and paring wood which is what the Taparia Bevelled Edge Chisels promises to deliver,” he added.