JAMMU: Volunteers of Team Jammu and Yuva Jammu today jointly distributed dry ration to needy families living in Ward No 66 and 67 covering parts of Janipur, Lower Muthi, Upper Muthi and lower Roop Nagar localities.
While distributing dry ration among needy persons, Chairman Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal asked the volunteers to ensure no one sleeps hungry in their respective localities. He was accompanied by Varun Sharma and Sunny Sadhotra of Yuva Jammu organization. He said we can unitedly fight out Corona virus while adhering to Health advisories besides helping needy people.
Extending a helping hand, Team Jammu is daily providing dry ration to the needy people, who are unable to feed themselves because of the ongoing lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak.
Before distributing dry ration, it took a day long exercise by the volunteers of both Team Jammu and Yuva Jammu, to first identify the families who are in dire need of ration and then the dry ration was distributed at the door steps of such families.
According to Zorawar, the Team Jammu volunteers are collecting ration from those who want to help the poor and needy at this time of crisis and them these ration items are packed in bags keeping in view needs of each family.
Thereafter, with the help of local Police, we go to different parts of Jammu and handover these ration packets to the needy families, who include locals and non-local labours.
He also appealed Jammu people to come forward for extending a helping hand to the needy families and donate dry ration generously at this hour of crisis. Team Jammu also appreciated the Health workers, Safaikaramchris, policemen and those engaged in providing essential services to public during the lockdown.