The second consecutive extension of lockdown in the country on account of coronavirus outbreak has turned out to be something which is devised to gauge the patience of people and also their acumen towards attaining well-being of all comprising extended family of diverse people that is called the ‘Republic of India’. In the same context, the Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has averred on Saturday that lockdown 1.0, 2.0 and now 3.0 are the examinations which Indians have to pass with flying colours. Surely, from the top echelons of the power to the level of Babus, everyone is well aware of the pressing need to trigger resumption of economic activities as India unlike many other countries had chosen health and safety of its people over economic considerations, the decision which proved all bountiful and transformed the image of India as a ‘proud democracy’ which to a very large extent has successfully tamed the COVID-19 infection with lowest rates of morbidity and mortality. This honour which India has earned is because of sincerity and complete adherence to norms set-up by the experts and same zeal and zest is the need of the time as far as implementation of lockdown 3.0 is concerned. The economy constraints which were put at backburner during earlier lockdowns have now been addressed in lockdown 3.0 in a manner that can be accommodated under prevailing situation with regard to coronavirus pandemic. It is to be seen now that how the stakeholders including the general public responds to this situation as the third extension of the restrictions is paramount in breaking the chain of transmission of the ruthless virus which has forced the entire world to stop the normal activities leading it to a virtual standstill. The outcome of lockdown 3.0 will pave way for the further course of action to eliminate coronavirus from the Indian soil therefore any laxity on the part of authorities or the general public could be detrimental which the country cannot afford at this point of time. The ball is now in the court of people and they will decide the future of the country with respect to this unprecedented contagious corona demon.