There is no doubt that after the abrogation of Article 370 there has been negligible human casualties in terror related incidents in Jammu and Kashmir. The modus operandi of Pak-supported and trained terrorists have been the same for years to create a sense of fear among the people. Today there is no bandh call or street protests, separatists and their supporters are silent in the absence of communication network. Earlier any small provocation used to have widespread reactions with street protests, stone pelting on security forces thus creating chaos. The policy of hot pursuit adopted by security forces, no doubt has created the required pressure on the terrorists and their sympathizers but any laxity at a time when government is sincere to bring back normalcy, can bring back negative results. We should also not over-rule any terrorists strike at an unsuspected occasion. While cross border terrorism is a one sided-affair i.e. exported from Pakistan to India it needed to check the terrorism and exhibit neighbourhood. Instead it continued with its nefarious designs ignoring the repeated advices from Indian side for the last more than three decades. Any strategy to counter Pakistan’s mischief has to be well thought out, consistent, and long-term in nature. It must flow from an understanding of what our enemy wants to achieve, and what is in our own interest. Our problem is we think Pakistan is an irrational power and that no strategy may work with them. Pakistan – and especially the Deep State that comprises the army, the ISI and its jihadi fronts – is a “greedy”, ideological state that will not rest without changing the status quo on our borders. But Pakistan is not just about rearranging borders but continues with its futile efforts for grabbing the parts of Jammu & Kashmir that are still in our possession. Pakistan is an all-or-nothing state which seeks victory for the ideology of Islam in addition to grabbing territory.