Rajouri Molvi arrested for hate sermon

RAJOURI: The ‘traitor’ has done it again. This time around Rajouri, Moulana Mohammad Farooq has spilled venom against a particular community during a congregation, held in the month of Ramzaan. This occasion should have been dedicated to talk about peace and amity but the Moulana, allegedly ‘patronised’ by the Army, went on his rant against a particular community and religion.
As ususal and in routine, the repeat offender has been booked by Rajouri Police for making insensitive remarks during the congregation in the township.
The issue came to fore when a video went viral on a social media page namely ‘Awaaz News’ in which Mohammad Farooq was seen delivering his address during a religious congregation prayer.
In the video, Moulana was heard making some insensitive comments having potential to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of Rajouri.
Taking note of it, case FIR No. 285/2019 under sections 153-A RPC & 66 IT Act registered in Rajouri police station and the Moulana has been booked and arrested.
Police authorities are also mulling legal action against the social media page admin on which the said video was uploaded.
Moulana had triggered controversy and virtually led the border township to eyeball to eyeball situation on December 6, 2018 after making stinging remarks against a particular religion. This had forced Sanatan Dharam Sabha to held out an ultimatum to police for booking the hate preacher.
However, the controversy and the manner with which the issue was put under the carpet had raised several questions about the motivation of the Maulana to incite passions, despite being a prominent member of Rajouri Ekta Committee, allegedly patronised by the army.
Moulana had allegedly succeeded in seeking the intervention of the local army unit where the differences were ‘ironed-out’ and ‘all-is-well-joint-statement’ issued.
The reported army’s intervention had raised many eyebrows with the minority community opinion leaders wondering how an anti-peace Moulana is enjoying such a support. He had succeeded in getting a meeting organized under the aegis of the Ekta Committee Rajouri in the Local Army Ground where Moulana, flanked by prominent citizens, tendered unconditional apology and vowed to work for strengthening peace.
The posturing adopted by the Moulana last year is testimony of the pattern being adopted by deceptive persons to make the army believe that they were working for maintaining peace in the forward areas.
The army has been playing a very crucial role in maintaining peace and harmony in the border pockets but it is also expected to guard against elements, who want themselves to be seen on both sides of the fence. The past three decades of terror has given birth to a culture of double cross with dubious actors playing murky roles. The loose cannons are generally working at the behest of the enemies of the nation, who want to destabilise border pockets.
The Kashmir terrorism is testimony to the harsh truth how the Indian Army is being demonized by the so-called ‘peaceniks’, who are working in different guises and at times pretending to be hyper-nationalists. Such elements are smart enough to know how to keep both the sides-the defenders and the breakers of the nation– in the good humour.