JAMMU: Perturbed over the unabated martyrdom of Indian soldiers within the heartland of the nation, Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP-Chairman and former Minister on Tuesday lambasted the BJP led government for its utter failure to curb terrorism in J&K which had grown by leaps and bounds after its ascendance to power.
“Leave aside your tall promises of bringing peace and normalcy, you have failed to provide a sense of security even to our brave-hearts within the borders” said Singh.
“Not only the recent Handwara encounter but the armed infiltrators have been intruding and invading our Army Camps and martyring our soldiers and their families while asleep. The Uri and Pulwama episodes are a grim reminder of the grave terror threat that continues to loom large over the heads of the Indian soldiers and other security personnel. The BJP rule witnessed unprecedented attacks on Army Camps, Police Stations, Residential Quarters of Security personnel IAF, CRP and BSF posts and their convoys besides targeting their family members with saffron regime bailing out itself each time by blaming Pakistan. The IB and LoC bore the brunt of unprecedented Pak shelling claiming several precious lives of innocent civilian, Jawans besides huge loss to the moveable and immovable property of the border dwellers. And all this notwithstanding the tall claims of Narendra Modi, the then opposition leader assuring and reassuring complete normalcy in J&K and ending all Pak incursions and its misadventures if voted to power. But after ascendance to power, nothing tangible appeared to have been done except blaming Pakistan, issuing threats of its annihilation and empty rhetoric on vacation of POK Territories. Such posturing is being used as SOP to diffuse public anger and borrow time till a new terror act is committed by the rogue Nation. The much hyped slogans of revoking Indus Water Treaty, withdrawal of MFN status to Pak, declaration of Pak as terrorist Nation, ensuring stoppage of all international aid to Pak etc. too failed to see the light of day and proved to be mere hyperboles” asserted Singh.
“While no government can escape accountability to the Nation, the despotic Modi regime is averse to any kind of criticism of its failures and lapses however damaging they were for the Nation and its interests. It wants all to sing songs in its praise even if most prejudicially affected by its mis-governance and any opposition to it would ipso facto become anti national” lamented Singh.
He said that rather than blindly accepting all vague, off repeated nauseating assertions of the government, the people must exercise their democratic right of questioning the govt. for its grave lapses especially in situations wherein precious lives are being wasted. Does Narendra Modi not owe an explanation to the Nation being the PM of the largest democracy of the world? questioned Singh.