JAMMU: Anita Thakur, General Secretary of JKNPP on Saturday congratulated J&K youth, Panthers Party leadership and district leadership for a bold and public oriented stand, the party took for survival of people of Jammu & Kashmir, particularly youth, who are wandering in the streets looking for job after securing educational degrees.
In a statement issued here on Saturday, the NPP General Secretary said that more than 60,000 educated youth are wandering jobless and the Union Territory administration has not even cared to issue notification to fill vacant posts. It is a tragedy that educated youth of Jammu and Kashmir are being used as Guinea Pig, she added.
She congratulated district leadership of the Panthers Party and the leadership of all other political parties, who have stood up like a rock with one voice to demolish the fresh Domicile Law, forcing Union Government and ruling BJP to bow down before voice of youth of Jammu and Kashmir and its leadership.
In a message to all 20 districts in Jammu & Kashmir, NPP General Secretary assured that leadership of the Panthers Party from the Block to the State level shall continue fighting for fundamental rights of the people of Jammu & Kashmir so that youth of Jammu & Kashmir shall not be deprived of their basic and fundamental rights, which they inherited from the law made by Maharaja Hari Singh in 1927, which was approved and included in fundamental rights of the residents of Jammu & Kashmir, including youth, that is vested in every permanent resident of Jammu & Kashmir.