JAMMU: Ex-MLC Vikramaditya Singh paid rich tributes to Maharaja Gulab Singh, the founder of erstwhile J&K State and other gallant soldiers of elite J&K State Forces (now JAKRIF & Ladakh Scouts) that conquered enemies far and wide, expanding Dogra rule from plains of Jammu region to gigantic Himalayas up to central Asia.
In a statement issued here the senior political functionary of J&K UT said, “My tributes to Maharaja Gulab Singh, the Founder of Jammu and Kashmir and J&K State Forces. His vision combined with military strategy and prowess saw India’s frontiers reach Tibet and Central Asia. His greatest warrior General Zorawar Singh was pivotal in Dogra conquests from 1821, until he died in a battle in 1841. Today marks his 234th birth Anniversary”.
He said that the J&K State Forces fought valiantly in World War-I and II, and earned several gallantry awards.
“The J&K State Forces were mainly made up of Dogras, Sikhs, Gujjars and Gorkhas. In 1947, J&K State Forces defended the State from Pakistani invasion on many fronts across the vast border.
Under orders of Commander in Chief of J&K State Forces, Maharaja Hari Singh, the Dogra soldiers led by Brigadier Rajendra Singh fought till the last man and last bullet. The forces of J&K Princely State were the only one of its kind to be integrated into Indian Army as a separate regiment.
On the bicentenary of the JAKRIF & Ladakh Scouts (erstwhile J&K State Forces) let’s remember the rich history and contribution of the regiment,” he said and added, “Celebrating 200 years of Regimental Day, I take pride in extending warm greetings to JAKRIF officers, soldiers and their families.”