Happy people enjoy better health, say several studies conducted across the world where stress and anxiety are rife and daily challenges overwhelm us. Stress affects our health as do our lifestyle, relationships, finances and diet. Typically, we associate good health with exercise and appropriate dietary habits. But how happy we are has a major influence on our health. Understanding this vital connect, the Brahmakumaris organised a three-day programme at Vaishali, Ghaziabad, titled ‘Spiritual remedies for happiness and health’ with psychotherapist B K Girish Patel, September 21-23.
Patel shared with participants, tips on how to lead a happy and healthy life through Rajyoga meditation. Stress creates toxins in our body but one can detoxify through this practice. Girish Patel commenced the session with the greeting ‘Aum shanti’ to remind everyone that we are peaceful soul entities. Aum is a universal sound and vibration.
The whole world is made up of vibrations. According to him, “Everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies, just like us. Even a nonliving thing is a form of pure energy and movement.”
In truth, we live in a sea of vibrations. Everything is vibration; even our thoughts are part of this vibrating universe. We attract what we send out, therefore, if we think positive, we attract the same and vice versa. “Each thought creates a vibration and produces chemicals. Our brain produces chemicals that make us feel happy and fulfilled when we think positive. Whenever we have a negative thought, chemicals generate an adverse effect on our physical body and well-being. Our body feels the way we think,” states Patel.
Whenever we entertain negative emotions, it becomes difficult to focus. A network of neurons is created by our thoughts and actions and this affects the wiring of our brain. Says Patel: “Even a single negative thought affects our health adversely as our brain generates more than a thousand chemicals. It is not possible to think positive in all situations. But we can be a witness and record everything like a camera without forming opinions.”To revive our consciousness which includes all thought, we need to heal it with special care. Patel suggested meditation, deep breathing, and regular exercise to connect our conscious mind with the subconscious. Meditation relaxes the mind and makes a connection with our subconscious.
Whatever is happening in the world leaves an impression on our consciousness.”Our subconscious or deeper level of consciousness is the boss, while our consciousness is an educated, intelligent worker. The subconscious doesn’t know right from wrong. So we need to programme it to lead consciousness in the right direction. It can be done through a connection with the subconscious,” said Patel.
“But the message we want to send has to reach its destination at the right time. The best time is before you open your eyes in the morning when you are half-awake, half asleep. When your mind and body are relaxed by methods like meditation and yoga nidra, your subconscious is connected for a few moments.