Shyam Sudan
India is a unique and biggest democracy of the world. Our constitution is the most vivid and different than any other democratic nation of the world. Because in it there is an amalgamation of all the refined traits of different constitutions of the world. Our constitution gives us lot of privileges, duties and rights. Freedom of expression is the constitutional right for every citizen of India. Every Indian can express his views in public domain, provided that these views or opinion are under the vicinity of democratic limits. We have firm faith in our constitution and in all the democratic values. Our parliament is considered as a custodian of protecting our democratic values and for safeguarding our constitution. So it is the duty of our elected representatives and parliamentarians to maintain the dignity and decorum of our parliament. Because our parliament reflects the opinion of every citizens of India. It is mandatory for every elected parliamentarians to behave in such a manner that our parliament presents a model place for reflecting our opinions. But now a days the behaviour and accountability of our parliamentarians is not to the expected level. Gradually it is taking the shape of a battlefield due to misconduct and unparliamentary behaviour of our elected representatives. The behaviour of our elected representatives are more weird and bizzare when they put their opinion in public gathering and in front of media. They usually cross their limit and express themselves without knowing the impact of their cheap opinions. Especially during the different election campaign our elected representatives and parliamentarians usually cross the limit of their sober and decent language for whom they are known in public domain. In every election we have listened such type of cheap language and dialogue by our politicians which are very derogatory in nature. In recent Delhi election we have noticed such kind of dialogues and terse statements by our politicians. Not only in opposition but in ruling government the different politicians are continuously using such kind of derogatory language to impress their voters and their sentiments. The recent statement of Anurag thakur, kapil mishra is the testimony of such odd things. Moreover earlier the statement of Rahul Gandhi in which he expressed his views that youth of India would beat the prime minister in next 6 months reflects a very cheap standard of our parliamentary language. However such language is not beneficial for any political party .It merely attracts the sentiments of public and media for a short time span but in long run it harms the prestige of political parties whom which such persons or politicians is recently admitted by honourable home minister sh.Amit Shah that these statements by their party members has decline their image in Delhi election.Last year in Assembly election many politicians gave lot of cheap terminology for our prime minister. Many satricall and obsurd pronoun was used to defame the image of prime minister. These language and opinions sometime brings uncomfortable situation for an educated and cultured citizen.A parliamentarian or an elected members represents the millions of humans in parliament. Such type of derogatory language by their role model politician can change the mindset and soberness of their followers.Sometime these statements and dialogues of different public figures and politicians add fuel in the fire.Recently the honourable supreme court of India made it clear for every political party to put the criminal record of every politician on public platform or online platform. There is also an urgent need to make a proper check over the language expression by every politician. During election campaign however election commission of India issued such kind of protocol and advisory for every political party and politicians . But that is very mild and soft in nature.A very strong and decisive action must be needed for the violaters of such odd things. we are continuously giving stress on moral education at every platform to our children and youths for the betterment of our society and country at large.But if our elected representatives and parliamentarians behave in such a cheap manner in expressing their views then what can we expect from common lay man and an uneducated persons. Such odd things easily misled the youth and followers of these leaders.Moreover in this digital era such kind of things can easily circulates in social sites and creates disturbances in our social structure .language is the way of our communication and it’s soberness can only be maintained if we use it in a refined and cultured way.If it creates trouble for others and harm their sentiments then it must be avoided.It is needed by every political party to make a proper check and control over the flow of such odd things by their workers or team members. Such kind of derogatory language has no place in a civilized and modern society and it is highly unacceptable if it is being used by public figures or politicians which are the mouthpieces of millions.Tone and expression of a language reflects the mindset and mentality of a person.what we think in our mind reflects in our words.if our elected politicians are continuously using such kind of language in their means their mentality and mindset is not in a proper coordination. we must avoid such leaders and politicians in every election. So that these persons couldn’t get the chance to enter into the temple of our constitution, The parliament. It is needed for every voters to elect such persons who are not insane and shallow from their mental set up.only then we can save the vivid culture and sanctity of our
parliament and constitution.