R K Sinha
The evacuation of thousands of coronavirus infected people from Tablighi Jamaat headquarters situated at a congested area of Nizamuddin area is an eye opener for Indians. These people belonged to not only India but also various other countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc.
The Jamaat has hit India severely. It tried to give India a wound that India could never have recovered from and to some extent it has been successful also in doing so. Thanks to the Modi government’s
timely notice of their obnoxious activities and who wasted no time in launching its remedial operations to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus further.
Now this apprehension has found a solid basis that the foreign workers of the Tablighi Jamaat were desperately trying to infect India with the corona virus. This, not to exaggerate, reflects upon their ill mentality.
The fact is that the main motive of the Tablighi Jamaat is to radicalize the Muslims of India and to convert non-Muslims into Islam. It’s merely a show off that the Jamaat is working to make Muslims better. Of the thousands people who joined the capital’s Tablighi Jamaat, 441 got active symptoms of coronavirus.
Just imagine how many millions of people they would have infected of corona so far. It is just because of their anti national and anti humanity activities that the country is under threat. The more problematic thing is that there is no antidote of this coronavirus so far.
It is said that the Tablighi Jamaat started in 1927 in Nooh, Haryana. Millions of people in Mewat did not give up their Hindu traditions and customs despite having been forcibly incorporated into the religion of Islam. They are still associated with the customs of Hinduism. The interesting part of their today’s culture is that at the time of marriage, the families of both the sides, bride and groom, ask their Gotras of Hindu religion. That is, even after becoming a Muslim, their mentality continued to be that of Hindu.
Love jihad is the product of this vicious conspiracy. Tablighi Jamaat has been trying to mould all human beings in one colour for the last hundred years and that is Islam. They say it is necessary to be monogamous for brotherhood. But now they have been exposed completely, and their designs are sure to fall flat in the wake of the presence of Amit Shah as Home Minister and Ajit Doval as National Security Advisor at the Centre.
Tablighi Jamaat has its roots in more than 200 countries worldwide and are dreaming of converting all of them into Islamic states. Of these, India and Israel are their most important preferences, for both these countries have some percentage of Muslims, but they appear to be living in a fool’s paradise.
Their doctorine is strange. They preach that, if converted into islam, the people, instead of Jehannum (hell), will live “a better life” even after death. Now as they are exposed completely, the government would investigate into their working and source of funding also that helps them run such a huge organization. While in India Tablighi Jamaat’s policy is to convert non-Muslims into Islam, in neighbouring Pakistan it seeks to run the country’s governance system according to Sharia. They have also wreaked havoc in Pakistan. In fact, this group keeps changing its policies like a chameleon. Due to their misdeeds, the corona is spreading rapidly in Pakistan too. They do not desist from showing their wildness everywhere.
Now one thing is becoming apparent that to win over the corona virus, the Indian government must whip up these enemies of humanity. It is true that the Constitution of India allows all citizens to believe in and propagate their religion. But it, simultaneously, does not give anyone the right to stay in India and dig its roots. When one talks about one’s rights, one must not forget one’s duties also towards nation. So nobody can be allowed to take the country for a ride.
The irony of the situation is that some supporters of anti-national activities in the country are giving it a Hindi-Muslim colour, thereby trying to save the Tablighi Jamaat’s cause. Whatever may be the things, after all, there is no question of forgiving the unforgivable actions of the Tablighi. One more concerning question from the middle class of Muslim community is why they do not raise their voice against the Tablighi Jamaat. They should have already taken a front against such Jamaat who have been trying to drag the country into dark ages. Ironically, this time the Muslim community, who are well literate and educated and understand the values of the country, missed to raise their voice against such anti national, anti human activists. A big question also arises against them.
(The writer is senior editor and