flawless-skin-tipsWith winter round the corner, here are some tips for you to remain beautiful. With the onset of winters in India, it is time to bring out your cold creams and warm clothes. But there is lot more to winters than just the woolen sweaters and hot soups. Taking care of one’s beauty is equally important, especially in winters. Here’s how –
1. For soft skin: Keep some shea butter or jojoba oil handy to keep your hands soft and smooth, especially after you have worked with water.
2. For beautiful lips: Lips need a lot of care in the cold weather. Lysine is important to maintain soft lips. Look for lip balms that contain caster oil, olive oil and cocoa butter. Food like fish and eggs are good supplements of lysine.
3. For healthy hairs: Nourish your hair with hot oil on a regular basis to prevent them from getting dry. Coconut oil is the best for the weather conditions here.
4. Shower friendly: Take warm showers. Hot showers might feel very good on a cold day but they leave the skin dry and flaky.
5. Moisturise: Apply moisturiser on your skin at least 30 minutes before you step out.