RAJOURI: Assembly Youth President Advocate Zahir Chowdhary has demanded immediate relief and rehabilitation for the flood victims of Rajouri.
After completing his day’s visit to the different villages of Rajouri Constituency, he found that floods have claimed lots of lives including houses and property. He said that thousands of people are now struggling for survival and are under open skies .”No immediate relief and rehabilitation like tents, ration, gas, medicines has been provided to these peoples, he said.
He also pointed out that the school buildings which are totally or severely damaged by the flood and landslides should not be used until they are re-constructed as there will be risk of life.
Moreover Zahir on his visit found that the areas like Dodasan Balla, Manyal, Azamatabad , Mongota, Kalaban ,Manjakote ,Hayat Pura, Atti, Keri, Challas, etc have been affected a lot by the massive landslide. He demanded that the Govt. should take necessary steps to provide an alternate land for these victims. He also requested to different NGOs to come forward and help the victims