Dear Editor,
The Zoom video conferencing application is gaining widespread popularity in India during lockdown amid corona crisis. This online video platform has gained prominence with most industries, private companies and even educational institutions now working from home in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. At the same time, with privacy coming into question in the case of Zoom App, the centre has also asked all its ministers and staff to refrain from conducting any meetings on third party applications. The Union Home Ministry has raised alarm bells and flagging video conferencing software Zoom as unsafe and vulnerable to cyber crimes. The Cyber Coordination Centre (CCC) of the Ministry of Home Affairs has also warned that Zoom video conferencing app for meetings is not a safe platform and thus should be banned. It has also come to the limelight that the educational institutions have allowed teachers and students to use this video conferencing app for online work and meetings notwithstanding the government advisories related to the application’s security and privacy issues. To sequel the current Work From Home (WFH) initiative, the private school teachers are using this Zoom App unconditionally without bothering about the risks, threats and cyber attacks involved in it. We are putting data and information at higher risks by scheduling meetings over the Zoom App as this app is prone to number of vulnerabilities. The intruders, hackers and other anonymous users are always hell bent upon stealing the credentials and other critical information from those who are using Zoom App for online study work. So the J&K UT government needs to put an immediate ban over the use of Zoom app and must encourage the public at large to use any other video conferencing app for the online work.
Vivek Koul,
Bank Colony,
Gole Gujral Jammu.